Quaesitum blog is pleased to announce the maiden edition of the QUAESITUM SHORT STORY CONTEST, which will kick start this year. The contest is open to all unpublished young writers living in Nigeria and who are willing to tell their own stories. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES All entries must be unpublished and original. All entries must be … Continue reading QUAESITUM SHORT STORY CONTEST



The orange sun slowly sinks The looming darkness is as the printer’s ink Salty waters are at the brink Of crawling down my ‘goose pimpled’ skin I weep not for the twilight I weep for my ceased light Vanishes at the knock of twilight Held captive by darkness’ light Been sitting here since he transcended … Continue reading TWILIGHT 


I wanna hide the truth I wanna shelter you But with Beast inside There’s nowhere we can hide …IMAGINE DRAGONS I’m speedily bordering on to insanity There’s the absolute fear of eternity They say it’s too much morality But there’s more to this ambiguity  Silence crawls on me  There’s a brawl within me  I want … Continue reading THE BEAST INSIDE


I know I am myself I know you are yourself I am aware of my being I see the world through my eyes Like it is me versus the world How did I become myself I know I exist But at what point did I realize my existence Written by; Pearl (kekysmilieu.wordpress.com)


In the midst of light I have no sight Surrounded by goodness I see only wickedness In the presence of atrocity I lose my stability Surrounded by wisdom I lack freedom Written by: © PEARL (Ms_keky)


I have loved I have been ignored I have been played I have been loved I have ignored I have played We can love We can acknowledge We can cherish Written by: ©PEARL (Ms_keky).


Usually after dinner, I would read or write till I feel sleepy, then go to bed. This had been my routine until I progressed across the Niger. So that fateful night, after dinner, I said the prayers with my family and everyone went in to have sweet dreams. My parents, my two younger sisters and … Continue reading SOMETIME AGO…


She was dressed in her white ballerina dress, her dark hair danced lightly on her shoulder, her eyes twinkling exuberantly, even the moon could not compare to the glowing in her eyes....."She’s so in love" one of her numerous spectators exclaimed longingly. "Awwwwwn I wish I were in her shoes” her right hand maiden whispered giving … Continue reading THE LOVE DANCE


After the semester’s exams were over, the next day found me boarding a bus and heading for home to ease off stress. My semester was a successful one, my exams had gone well and I was looking forward to a wonderful result. The bus I boarded was a fast one and in no distant time, … Continue reading SIMON LIVES